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My Path to Becoming a Certified Cannabis Educator

Sometimes we go backward to go forward, you know what I mean? This is a little how I felt when I signed up for the Cannabis Coaching Institute’s program for becoming a Certified Cannabis Educator.

Why do I say that?

Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. I have read at least 20 full-size books on Cannabis and CBD and how it pertains to health & wellness. Not to mention hundreds of articles and scientific write ups.

  2. I have a well-established CBD brand CannActive Life that educates on the benefits of CBD mixed with a healthy lifestyle. What more could I need to know?

  3. I’ve been playing in this space for years now, so osmosis, right?

Well, I was happily proven wrong on these. I am also glad because I made a significant financial commitment to this 8-week educational course. What I learned in these modules and through the interactive weekly calls and lessons has been immeasurable in my growth as a cannabis entrepreneur.

Here’s a little summary of my experience:

This course is designed with multiple administrators (mentors) to help in different facets: Mindset, Science Education, and Business Education. These all lead to a Project Launch at the end. What you choose to launch is up to you. Some choose a blog, some a podcast, I chose a slide show presentation that I could use while speaking at a seminar/workshop.

Each week a new science module opens, and you read through, take notes, and watch the recorded presentation. All things cannabis in there – Plant specifics (strains, terpenes, compounds) in a way that is easy to make someone not so scientific able to understand. At the end of each lesson, there is a quiz, and you need to score 70% or higher to move on.

You also report each week with an Action Step in the Slack program to report what you’ve learned and get feedback from other mentors and students. This Slack feature was/is particularly fun for me because there are different threads you can go into and focus on. I discovered how much I do like the science stuff and was able to contribute a lot from my private studies. Students are able to promote their businesses, and the community aspect of it all is encouraging.

As you near the end of your modules, they prep you to work on your Project Launch. There are lessons on all these options from writers, bloggers, podcast hosts, and experts in fields that have been able to capitalize on this niche. One mentor is a cannabis cook and has workshops that focus on cooking with cannabis in the kitchen. The program really opens your mind to what is possible and is pretty inspiring if you don’t know which way you want to go. The encouragement and feedback are also very helpful.

Here's a link to my presentation. I got wonderful feedback on it and am very excited to start presenting in my community later this month. My focus is Athletes and CBD, natural recovery solutions. I have found so much happiness in helping others feel better.

As far as my overall experience with this program? I am happy I dove in, so much more confident in the knowledge I have in this space. I am proud of expanding my education and feel the responsibility to pass it on to my community and beyond. I saw others grow in this program as well, and that was inspiring. Some were in there out of curiosity and ended up starting their own business. Some used it to expand their business already established.

If you are interested in this program, take a look! If you click on my link and sign up, I get an affiliate commission. ☺

Plus get $300 off tuition when you use the code: NEWSTUDENT


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