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Must-Have Holiday CBD Gifts for Athletes

Happy holiday shopping! Are you still searching for the perfect gifts for loved ones? Time is ticking! Need some ideas? If you have any athletes left on your list, give them CBD—topicals (creams, salves, roll-ons, rubs), tinctures, edibles (gummies), and capsules. Cannabidiol provides so many healing, stocking-stuffer options for runners, cyclists, gym rats, weekend warriors, yoga and Pilates lovers—every athlete in your life.

CBD helps speed up athletic recovery, allowing athletes to increase their fitness goals with consistent workouts. Unlike THC, CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive, so the only high fitness enthusiasts feel is from mood-boosting endorphins during a great workout.

So, instead of gifting standard sports gear that helps athletes look good during workouts, give them a variety of CBD products to help them feel good pre and post-workout.

Toned muscles look even better than a new hoodie.


  • Alleviates joint and muscle aches and pains

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Promotes a good night’s sleep

A daily regimen of CBD products, pre and post-workout, helps athletes stay mentally and physically strong, regardless of the activity or sport...

Give Athletes the CBD Gift of Pain Relief

Whether they run, bike, work out, play a sport, or take specialized exercise classes, consistent activity can be hard on an athlete’s body. After strenuous exercise, a hardworking body is rewarded with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), making it really hard to move a muscle for the next workout.

Cannabidiol speeds up sports recovery time, so athletes can keep their goals rolling without painful downtime (DOMtime).

CBD Reduces Muscle and Joint Soreness

When muscle strain or injury occurs, the body releases endocannabinoids that attach to CB1 receptors throughout the body—immune cells, nerve cells, and cells responsible for tissue regeneration. Once the attachment takes place, the healing begins, which reduces muscle and joint soreness, spasms, and pain.

CBD stops the breakdown of the endocannabinoids essential for athletic recovery.

Here’s why every athlete on your holiday shopping list needs CBD...

CannActive Life CBD Topicals, Tinctures, and Sprays for Faster Sports Recovery

CannActive Life CBD topicals (creams, salves, roll-on gels, rubs) absorb into the skin, providing quick, localized relief to sore muscles and joints without entering the bloodstream.

Apply CBD topicals before, during, and after workouts for faster healing and athletic recovery.


When taken sublingually (under the tongue), CannActive Life CBD oil sprays and tinctures deliver potent analgesic benefits within 15 minutes, alleviating nagging discomfort from DOMS.

What’s your flavor?

Give Athletes the Gift of Wellbeing

When athletes push their bodies to the limit, subsequent pain and inflammation threaten to sideline their fitness goals.

CBD Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is a common frustration among pro athletes, runners, gymgoers, and fitness enthusiasts. CBD acts as an anti-inflammatory by affecting the molecules responsible for reducing inflammation.

CannActive Life Tinctures and Gummies Reduce Inflammation

CannActive Life tinctures (see above) and yummy, mixed-berry gummies (see below), pre and post-workout, help athletes continue their workouts without lingering muscle and joint soreness.

Give Athletes the Gift of Restful Sleep

Every athlete needs plenty of sleep to succeed. Period.

CBD Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep helps the body repair itself by rebalancing hormones, restoring damaged muscle fibers, replenishing energy, and reducing stress. Many athletes suffer from exhausting sleep disorders due to overexertion without proper rest between workouts.

CannActive Life Gummies and Capsules for Deeper Sleep

CannActive Life CBD edibles and capsules stimulate the endocannabinoid system that regulates sleep-wake cycles. What does this mean? Cannabidiol helps athletes fall asleep and stay asleep, which is crucial for athletic recovery.

Got it? Good.

Now, click on the blue links above to pick the best CBD gifts (stocking stuffers) for every athlete in your life.

You’re welcome.


CBD products are perfect holiday gifts for athletes since they alleviate muscle and joint soreness, reduce inflammation, and promote deeper sleep.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”


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