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Happy Nano New Year!

Nano CBD vs. Regular CBD

Happy new year! Did you make a list of life-changing resolutions? If so, nano CBD products can help you achieve them. If not—no worries—nano CBD improves your overall well-being sans resolutions. Do you know about nano CBD? Most people are familiar with the health benefits of regular cannabidiol, but many haven’t heard about the latest “nano” niche in the crowded CBD market.

So, what the heck is nano CBD and how does it differ from regular CBD?

For a happier, healthier new year, it’s time to learn why the little word “nano” makes such a big difference when choosing your CBD products...

What is Nano CBD?

For starters, the name “nano CBD” sounds sci-fi and cool, right? Nano is short for nanotechnology—the process of influencing materials at a molecular level. Very cool. Nano CBD is a cannabidiol molecule that’s broken down into tiny bits to help it enter the bloodstream faster than regular CBD.

Traditional CBD is typically a water-repelling molecule that binds with fat in the cells, making absorption through the stomach lining more difficult. However, nanotechnology reduces the CBD molecule into small particles that dissolve easily in water, which speeds up the absorption into the bloodstream.

Does Nano CBD Work Better Than Regular CBD?

Studies are limited, but scientists agree that nano CBD helps the body absorb healing cannabinoids at a faster rate than regular CBD. Therefore, nano CBD is currently touted as a more effective solution than traditional cannabidiol due to its higher rate of bioavailability (absorption into the bloodstream to reach the target area).

Higher bioavailability = stronger, faster healing.

Yet, despite