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CBD for Sports: Why Are More Pro Athletes Endorsing It?

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) made the game-changing decision to remove CBD from a list of banned substances. Hurray! Now athletes, worldwide, can reap the legal healthful benefits of this powerful—and popular—sports supplement. Cannabidiol is the latest hot topic heating up the sportsworld as more and more pro athletes endorse it.

REMEMBER: CBD is not pot! People often confuse the two since CBD & THC both originate from the cannabis genus. But you can’t judge a substance by its plant! The majority of CBD products derive from the hemp strain of cannabis (with low THC), not the marijuana strain (with high THC). Got it? It’s the THC that gets you high, not the CBD!

So, what does it do? Cannabidiol helps you relax, assists with joint discomfort, speeds-up muscle recovery, and promotes healthy sleep patterns—all key for pro athletes eager to up their game. Whether in the NHL, NFL, MLB, PGA, UFC, you name it, many high-level players are discovering that CBD does a body good and makes their performance even better.

With a variety of delivery methods available, there’s a perfect natural solution for every pro athlete. And you!

Tinctures help improve sleep and overall wellness.

Topicals (lotions and creams) alleviate muscle and joint soreness when applied directly to the skin.

Gummies are a convenient and tasty way to get CBD relief for quicker muscle recovery.

Softgels are a flavorless, easy-to-swallow option for discomfort, as needed.

CBD for NHL Players

Hockey is one of the toughest sports out there. 60 action-packed minutes (or more) of puck handling, speed skating, shot blocking and body checking—a lot of brutal body checking! —takes a toll on any player. Ouch. CBD reduces muscle discomfort post-SLAM, helping bodies recover faster.

NHL players who get it are increasingly adding CBD to their daily routine since it’s a safe and non-psychoactive solution—no loopiness! Cannabidiol enhances athletic performance through natural healing, so it’s not considered a performance-enhancing drug (PED) like steroids and human growth hormones.

CBD for NFL Players

Like hockey, football is a fast-moving, hard-hitting sport that requires an incredible level of athleticism. NFL players routinely endure intense training in the gym and on the gridiron. Tackle after tackle, they depend on CBD supplements to help their aching bodies recover faster.

CBD for All Sports

Contact or non-contact, muscle discomfort is a given in every sport. When a pro athlete pushes his/her body to the limit, soreness and fatigue are inevitable. Feel the burn! That’s how our bodies make bigger, stronger muscles, right? No pain, no gain! But it’s important to treat the discomfort safely.

CBD is a natural alternative to over-the-counter meds, which can damage the heart and liver if used repeatedly, long-term. And cannabidiol’s restorative properties help to speed-up muscle recovery, so pro athletes can resume their fabulousness faster.

Of course, you don’t have to be an elite athlete to make CBD part of your daily health regimen.

How will you use CBD to help you heal?


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