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CBD for Seniors: What Are the Health Benefits?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Elderly mother and daughter discussing the health benefits of CBD for seniors

With age comes wisdom—knowing who you are, making better decisions based on experience, and showing more compassion toward others. Yet, despite the added life smarts, many seniors are still unaware of the natural solutions out there to help their bodies heal. CBD helps make the golden years even sparklier!

What are the health benefits of CBD for seniors?

CBD Helps Alleviate Muscle and Joint Discomfort

Unfortunately, also with age come aches and pains. If left untreated, muscle and joint soreness can spoil senior citizens’ golden-year-goals, ultimately zapping their motivation to stay active.

Cannabidiol naturally alleviates muscle and joint discomfort—no prescription or over-the-counter pain meds required.

Taken daily, CBD tincture and/or gummies help keep elderly bodies moving by combatting the achy side effects of aging and potentially keeping future health issues at bay. Plus, CBD topicals such as creams and salves provide almost instant localized relief to sore muscles and joints, pre and post-workout.

Exercise is essential to maintain a more youthful appearance and a healthy heart!

Senior couple doing yoga together that use CBD to improve their health

As we age, our bodies lose collagen and elastin, which causes crepey, saggy skin. Ugh. Luckily, we can plump it back up with muscle if we just…keep…moving.

CBD delivers powerful healing all over, which keeps an aging body in motion, which promotes a healthy heart, which increases blood flow to slack skin cells, which helps you look and feel amazing!

CBD Promotes a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for the body and mind to thrive, especially in the golden years. Many seniors suffer from insomnia, induced by underlying health conditions and the common aches and pains of aging.

A daily dose of cannabidiol before bed promotes calmness and relaxation, resulting in much-needed restorative, deep sleep. CBD softgels with melatonin help you fall asleep and stay asleep as muscles recover and rebuild overnight.

Restful sleep ensures you wake up feeling refreshed to enjoy an active day ahead. For an extra energy boost, add a splash of CBD oil to your morning cup of coffee!

REMEMBER: You can’t overdose on CBD!

CBD Improves Bone Strength

As bodies age, bone density naturally decreases. Unfortunately, many seniors are sidelined from healthy activities due to weakened bone structure.

CBD helps strengthen bones and heal fractures by increasing the volume of endocannabinoids in the body.

Regardless of age, CBD helps promote healthy bones to support our changing bodies throughout the years.

CBD Supports Good Brain Health

Many seniors experience difficult life changes as they get older—social isolation, loss, and grief, to name a few. Like exercise, a positive outlook on life is key to enjoying the golden years ahead.

CBD can help.

Studies have shown cannabidiol supports good brain health by interacting with the receptors responsible for mood regulation. CBD helps promote improved cognitive function, mindfulness, positivity, and stress reduction, which makes coping with life’s ups and downs a lot easier as we age.

Dropper of organic CBD oil on a purple background

A daily dose of CBD gives the brain the healthy mood boost it needs to stay positively focused on life.

So, don’t forget to take your CBD…

Ways to Remember to Take Your CBD

  • Keep CBD gummies by your vitamins.

  • Keep CBD cream by your bed.

  • Put CBD softgels near your toothbrush.

  • Keep CBD oil near the coffeemaker.

* Before starting your CBD regimen, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about potential drug interactions.


Getting older doesn’t mean it’s all downhill from here. CBD helps improve mobility, vitality, stability, and positivity, so you can enjoy extra-sparkly golden years ahead.

How will you use CBD to live an active, happy life?


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