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CBD Before & After Workouts = No-Fail Fall Fitness

Autumn is upon us. It’s the perfect season for a fresh start—refocusing priorities, setting personal goals, and spending time in nature before winter’s icy grip takes hold of all the fall beauty. Don’t watch the colorful display out your window. Fall is the best time of year to head outdoors and step up your fitness goals.

The sweaty, summer days are over, so take advantage of cooler, invigorating, fall workouts while the ideal weather lasts. Daily exercise helps release mood-boosting endorphins and dopamine that will keep you energized throughout the beautiful season.

The more you move, the better you feel.

Staying Active During Autumn is Essential

Layer up and get outside. No, it’s not too cold once you MOVE. Staying active in the fall is essential for:

  • Better mental health (avoid seasonal depression)

  • Healthier eating habits before the holidays hit (enjoy seasonal veggies and soups)

  • Stronger immune system (fight off the flu)

If you don’t stay active during the autumn months (filled with tasty treats), you’ll feel flabby and weak when winter arrives (loaded with holiday goodies), and then you’ll really feel lousy for the (happy?) new year.

Work out NOW...and take CBD!

Whether you head outside to walk, run, hike, bike, or kayak, you’re going to have sore muscles. Using CBD products such as tinctures, gummies, capsules, lotions, and roll-ons before and after workouts delivers a wealth of mental and physical health benefits that help keep your fall fitness goals rolling...

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

Cannabidiol is a powerful athletic recovery supplement that regulates many vital bodily functions through interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Here’s why CBD has become such a popular, natural go-to for workout recovery and relief:

  • Reduces inflammation, preventing damage to surrounding healthy muscles

  • Relaxes muscles, alleviating muscle tension and spasms

  • Prevents Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

  • Supports healthy sleep, aiding in muscle fiber regeneration

  • Promotes faster athletic recovery between workouts or injuries

  • Improves workout consistency due to reduced pain and downtime

So, for all you fitness enthusiasts who strive to push your workouts to the next level, here’s how cannabidiol can help you crush it on a daily basis...

Use CBD Before Working Out

Using CBD before your workout allows you to bring your A-game, every day. Really. CBD delivers the pre-workout relief you need by:

  • Increasing focus on your fitness goals

  • Decreasing performance anxiety

  • Boosting energy level

  • Alleviating pre-workout pain and inflammation

Taking CBD tinctures, gummies, and capsules before your workout helps calm the mind and reduce anxiety, so you can stay focused on achieving your fitness goals, stress-free.

CBD Energy Mix, pre-workout, is a potent, caffeinated powder that provides long-lasting energy without the jitters. Just add water and get ready to feel really energized.

Using CBD creams and roll-ons before your workout delivers fast, anti-inflammatory and pain relief to sore muscles and joints, so you’re ready for the next workout without downtime from DOMS, DOMS, DOMS, DOMS! (sing it)

Get outside and get moving!

Use CBD After Working Out

In addition to consistent exercise, proper diet and adequate rest play significant roles in helping you achieve your best fitness results. CBD delivers the post-workout relief you need by:

  • Alleviating post-workout pain and inflammation

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Promoting mobility

CBD creams and roll-ons, post-workout, help alleviate the inevitable aches and pains from DOMS—the painful “reward” for a hard workout. CBD topicals deliver fast, localized relief to sore muscles and joints, so you’ll feel ready to get moving again.

CBD tinctures, gummies, and capsules deliver calming relief, helping the mind and body relax and After a tough workout, your body needs a good night’s sleep to repair and refuel for the next day’s fitness goals.

You worked hard! Get some sleep!

All of the CBD products mentioned above will help your body maintain mobility. Regardless of the delivery method, cannabidiol naturally heals the body and mind, so you can move, work out, recover, eat, sleep, repair...REPEAT.


Taking CBD before and after a workout helps the body and mind recover faster, helping you achieve your best, no-fail, fall fitness.

“Be stronger than your excuses.”


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