CBD and Athletic Performance: Can CBD Give Athletes a Legal Competitive Edge?

Let’s hear it for all the dedicated athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are try-hard, diehard goal achievers. Way to go! In their quest for the best results, they forever strive to find powerful sports supplements to up their game in life. So it’s no surprise these hardcore fitness buffs are increasingly turning to CBD to enhance their athletic performance.

CBD naturally reduces pain, inflammation and anxiety, while accelerating muscle recovery and restorative sleep, for starters. Sound familiar from the last blog? Yep, CBD is all that, which is why it’s one of the latest and greatest game-changing sports supplements out there for optimizing athletic performance. And it’s legal! But does recent research support all the hype? You be the judge…

Does CBD Enhance Athletic Performance?

Studies released in 2020 suggest that CBD helps promote physiological, biochemical and psychological effects allover. In other words, it can positively (and naturally) give athletes a competitive edge by affecting how our body functions and feels plus improving our state of mind. Wow. Powerful stuff! Scientific evidence revealed that CBD helps enhance athletic performance in a variety of ways, such as…

· Reducing pain, inflammation and anxiety

· Improving mood, energy and sleep

· Strengthening bones

· Restoring gastrointestinal health

For those of you who love to read super-duper-technical, but fascinating, research results, check out the scientific evidence in Sports Medicine, revealing the role CBD plays in improving athletic performance.

For the rest of you, here are some key CBD takeaways from the study…

CBD for Pain and Inflammation

CBD helps relieve inflammatory pain in muscle tissues and nerves. Too much strain on muscle fibers during intense training sessions causes inflammation that can last for weeks. CBD alleviates muscle soreness due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, resulting in a faster recovery and better athletic performance. In other words, it’s the perfect natural solution for endurance athletes who experience muscle and nerve pain from grueling, repetitive and long-distance workouts. Less inflammation leads to more positive results!

CBD For Anxiety

CBD helps relieve sports performance anxiety. Letting stress get the best of you is toxic to the mind and body, ultimately killing your positive goals. CBD reduces nervousness and anxiousness as well as improves cognitive function, which keeps you focused on achieving strong results.

CBD For Bone Health

CBD helps strengthen bones and heal fractures by increasing the volume of endocannabinoids—future blog!—in the body. Concerns about bone density often begin in the 40s and 50s, when 1 out of 3 women and 1 out 5 men will experience weakened bone structure. Regardless of age, the body needs CBD to stay strong. Healthy bones are essential for optimal athletic performance, injury-free. Obvi!

CBD For Gastrointestinal Health

CBD helps reduce tissue damage and restore the porousness of the intestine. What does this mean? It keeps your digestive system functioning effectively, so it absorbs the nutrients and oxygen your body needs to feel great. Repetitive strenuous activity can lead to GI stress, such as nausea, vomiting, and a nutritional deficiency—all detrimental to strong athletic performance. Obvi again.


CBD helps athletes, sports enthusiasts, everyone up their game in life! See—and feel—for yourself!

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