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CBD News, Fun Facts and Tips for an Active Lifestyle.


CannActive Newsletter 

With an exciting year ahead, now is the best time to adopt a “clean slate” mentality—new goals, new workouts, and new healthy habits. 


CannActive Newsletter 

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Money Marijuana. Hundred dollar bill of

What Makes CBD Expensive?

 For all the skeptics out there, here is a Q&A regarding the basics of the plant and why it is so important to research what you are buying. A vendor should always have a "Certificate of Analysis" available to the consumer. 

Farmer examination  industrial hemp. Sel

Financial Trends for CBD in 2020

For the Investors out there, this is one of my favorite departments: research and due diligence. There are a lot of great stocks and a few funds out there to invest in and get your feet wet.

Healthy Couple

CBD, and it's Success as a Natural Health Aid

Health and Wellness is why I got into this business. This article gives quick updates on progress made in our understanding of the health benefits derived from CBD.

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